Customer case:Swedish Bar Association


Every professional lawyer (“advokat”) in Sweden has to be a member of the Swedish Bar Association. The association is governed by the provisions of the Code of Judicial Procedure and by its own Charter, affirmed by the government. The association is an association under private law, whose purpose is to maintain high ethical and professional standards in the legal profession, monitor legal developments and endeavour to ensure that they benefit from the association’s experience, to safe-guard the general professional interests of its members and to fur-ther unity and consensus between members.

During 2017 we designed and developed three important solutions for the association, for the following main purposes:

Digital handling of complaints

One of the roles of the association is to handle disputes between consumers and the lawyers themselves. This has previously required a completely manual process, with documentation being sent back and forth by postal services.
The process now has been partly digitalized, which means that the plaintiff can provide the required information directly on the web, with automatic storage and transfer to internal processing systems. This has resulted in better quality of the information provided by the plaintiff and reduced the calendar time needed for processing. The solution will be extended with digital signage and online payment during 2019.

API for EU-level search

The EU Commission has initiated a project with the goal of making it possible to search for lawyers in every EU country, using a single entry point for the search. As a part of that project, we have developed an API for accessing the database with lawyer information (maintained by the Swedish Bar Association). The API makes it possible for third party systems, such as the EU-level portal, to utilize the data in a number of different ways. This is in accordance with the goals of the Bar Association and their members, since they want to make themselves “searchable” in as many ways as possible.

Self-service for members

The association is responsible for maintaining a database with information about all its members (organizations as well as individuals) at the national level in Sweden.

Both the member organizations and the individual members of the association now has the possibility to review and update the information about themselves using a web-based tool available independent of place or device. This has resulted in lower costs for the association and also higher quality of the information in the database.

The tool is integrated with the internal database. Using personal logins every member may review the information currently in the database, and also register updates if necessary. The system has authorization levels with support for personal, office and company levels.

Every update has to be approved by the association before it is finally registered (for security reasons), but since the entire process is digital and much of the information is validated upon entry in the web-based system, this generally incurs a very small effort. All changes are automatically logged for full traceability.

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