Customer case: Locum

Locum AB is owned by Stockholm County Council (SLL) and is one of Sweden’s largest real estate managers with a property stock totaling 2.1 million square meters in the county of Stockholm. Healthcare, both public and private, is their largest tenant.

Locum became a client of Sublime during 2003 and we have since helped them with design and development of web solutions for market communication, increased efficiency and improved customer service.

On example of this is that facility operators (working in the facilities managed by Locum) have access to a function for creating printed information notices using predefined templates, for instance information that needs to be provided in connection with a reconstruction or some kind of operations problem. This not only makes the process very smooth for the operators, it also ensures that these notices have a consistent appearance and do not lack any vital information.

The web site acts as a portal for accessing various tools needed by Locums partners (such as incident management, procurement, various statistics and digital training tools).

Locum also uses the platform to provide in-depth and ongoing information about eachfacility that is managed by Locum. The client users can easily find the information that is relevant for their specific needs (such as contact information, planned and ongoing projects, current incidents).

The system is designed to make it as easy as possible for Locum to maintain the information. For instance, all contact data for all Locum staff in every facility is maintained using the core system Active Directory, which is integrated with the web site to make sure the information published is always up-to-date.

The end-users can also subscribe (using e-mail) to different parts of the content, to not miss out on important updates. This gives Locum the additional benefit of being able to collect some information about the persons actually using the facilities managed by Locum.

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